Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Take the signs that the Universe sends you and reverse that feeling of loneliness and sadness. The Moon approaches the happy and huge Jupiter and invites you to become an expression of optimism and abundance.

Being in the company of those who love you will make you value your emotional world and understand that you have much more than you imagine. Many people try to find the unconditional love you have today and they don’t get it. Learning to value your loved ones is one of the lessons proposed by the stars today.

The presence of Venus in Leo will bring you closer to learning about a person who attracts you and makes you feel very good. Don’t leave this valuable invitation for another day. Your life could become a special adventure.


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The week is coming to an end and you’ll need to visit a financial institution to sign very important papers. Don’t delay or leave it for another day Capricorn. Today is the best time to do it and stay calm with that matter. Remember that when you postpone your paperwork then you feel that you can’t sleep because you don’t have a relaxed conscience.

Defining what you’ll do some issues regarding your finances will be a big part of your day and you may not be able to decide anything with certainty.

Mercury in your partner or relationships area tells you that there is little time left to receive news or communication from someone important to you, which will change your material reality and that you’ll have to solve.


You’ll be having a very good day, however, at night you could vibrate discordant energies in your environment and that can drag you into a mental state of dejection or melancholy that does not allow you to enjoy any of the situations in which you’re involved.