Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You won't know if what you're feeling is real or a cruel joke played on you by destiny. Pluto will make sure that you experience what jealousy feels like and you'll soon feel more enraged than you've ever felt before. 

You know that what you're feeling is a negative vibration and you're trying your best not to let it show. 

You'll find yourself saying and doing things that only a pathologically jealous person would. 

This Wednesday will be one you will choose to forget about, seeing how today you won't exactly feel like your usual tranquil and natural self. 

Keep calm, let go of your fears and try to compromise. 

Single Capricorns might get lucky tonight and experience a passionate affair. 



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Once you make a better choice regarding your associates in the commercial area, your profits will skyrocket, and your clients multiply. 

You're taking your projects to new heights, and you're experiencing unexpected situations. Imagine all the benefits this new business mindset could bring you. 

Check your agenda and be careful to organize your meetings so that no one is left out. You're going through a busy period, and you might miss out on significant opportunities if you don't plan your time correctly.  

Today's lucky number is 142. 


Your health might be going through tender moments as you have been ingesting a lot of processed foods as well as food high in sugar. 

Negative influences from Pluto's juncture with the Sun might affect your pancreas and spleen. 

Moderation is key, try to stay away from fizzy drinks and sweets as they cause inflammation and chronic illnesses such as diabetes. 

You could replace bottled drinks with water and lemon juice or fruit smoothies. 

Remember that all ailments are manifestations of an energetic imbalance.