Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You experience a day in which the moon in tension with your position in the zodiac confronts you to understand the challenges that your relationship with your partner brings to your daily life.

Perhaps you have been trying to reconcile the opposing points of view that you have on many issues for a long time and that leads to a wearing the trust you have in the relationship down.

It would, of course, be easier to continue turning a blind eye. But the change in values ??and in your way of seeing things that have been happening lately marks an important distance that you’ll have to work on through good conversations and negotiating the differences.

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A friend brings a tool that is very useful for processing your work. You don’t always have something so modern and that solves your problems in this effective way.

Everything you decide today can be wrong or confusing. You tend to require more firmness for your professional matters and yet you’re going to let other people influence the way you negotiate or define your affairs.

The people of your sign are experiencing great tension lately since there is great movement and you’re between two eclipses. Don’t worry and trust that everything will settle as the week goes by.

Eclipses often block the issues in which you can develop your personal light. Don’t be mean to yourself if you don’t achieve the desired results.

Your lucky number for today is 34. This number shows a highly developed spirituality and a certain degree of intuition. Anticipate success and the joys of worldly life.


If you feel discomfort in your hands such as numbness or tension you may be suffering in your neck or the impingement of a nerve. If you don’t have carpal tunnel problems or know if you suffer from different pathologies, ask your doctor because many pathologies hide behind this symptom.