Capricorn Daily Horoscope for March 9

Your horoscope for Saturday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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Today we’re expecting winds of the past that’ll bring an old love with them. Don’t think you have to close the door without thinking or feeling, especially feeling Capricorn. You’ll really want to give a second chance and maybe it’s time to make peace with that side of you that doesn’t let you fail.

The past has been dark and somewhat depressing sometimes, that doesn’t mean you have to see everything under that light. Expand your emotional horizons and give yourself permission to act irrationally. Hope is the basis for life to develop as positive as it can. If you have bright, thoughts you’ll attract brightness. Otherwise... you know what you’ll attract.

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You can walk around the shopping centre looking for that product you’d so like to have for as long as you want. But don’t forget that time is money and that there are many chores you’ve postponed and want to finish today, Saturday.

The natives of your sign are specialists in managing time. In fact, Saturn, the lord of time, is your ruling planet, so look at your watch and set aside some time for each task. You’ll feel great once you’ve finished all your chores for the day.


Start a more serious and intense care plan. You’ve been taking up new habits that you may not be able to keep up for too long.

It is very important that you exercise and eat food that’s good for you. You often eat without thinking or believing that just once won’t hurt you.

You’re wrong, Capricorn, fast food always hurts. But there’s a solution for those permanent temptations that do nothing but attack your lymphatic system. You could put together a healthy meal plan for the whole week. You’ll have a lot of fun trying out new recipes.