Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




It’ll be hard for you not to confront the way your partner expresses affection. You’re affected by the moon in your complementary opposite sign and you feel that you aren’t valued the way you need to be. The people at home or your family environment go in a different direction than the one you’d like to choose and you are at a crossroad. What you need is opposite to what everyone requires and this situation could generate a great deal of disappointment.

If you find a way to communicate without tension or aggression, you can find a way to overcome this emotional conflict.

The natives who are currently single can expect contradictions regarding a person who’s looking for a romantic relationship.


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Your reactions are slowed down by the fear you feel at the possibility of taking the wrong path. Of all the signs, you’re one of the most responsible and serious ones when it comes to your career and your social life.

Nobody doubts your ability to face all the challenges that arise, however, today’s astral aspects generate doubts and make you see an unknown part of your personality.

You shouldn’t worry because the stars protect you with a magic configuration for the natives of your sign. Today luck will be on your side if you give it permission with positive thoughts.


You shouldn’t watch the news or watch films in which violence takes over the screen as you are intensely sensitive today.

Even if you try to control your emotions or sensitivity with your mind, you may lose control when you’re sleeping and it could affect you.

Your imagination will lead you to suffer nightmares or to sleep restlessly. If you read a book or watch a romantic film, you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.