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Be careful, words can sometimes be sharp weapons Capricorn. If you have the need to unload your feelings, try to suppress your impulse to say what comes to your head in disorderly ways.

Pronouncing hurtful words won’t bring any relief and will only make your situation worse. When a relationship deteriorates, nothing could be worse than talking without thinking from a state of anger or disappointment.

Sharing a moment of silence can be very positive. If you’re distanced from a loved one it’s time to make a truce and leave arguments behind.

If you’re in a relationship, avoid quarrels and concentrate on good memories. What you feel will be softened by these memories.

If you’re single, your ex might get in touch just to argue and that won’t do you any good. Try to let these words pass like water passing under a bridge.

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You’ve got clear goals and therefore you’ll go straight for them, without detours or delays.

The moon in Pisces shows that you’re enjoying very valuable synch with market trends on today and that is very beneficial for your finances.

You can sell the items that have been standing on a shelf for a long time by being clever about it. You’ll connect with the needs of the public and you’ll benefit from them Capricorn.

If you’re studying and you have to do an exam you’ll have good luck. The examiners will be very well disposed. You may get a very good mark.


Today you should be careful with your diet and the quality of the food you eat. You’re exposed to astral influences that could lead to indigestion and stomach ache. Your liver and gallbladder will be affected due to the direct movement of Jupiter.

Magic Horoscope recommends that you avoid fried food and that you only eat home-made and light food such as soups, grilled vegetables and gluten-free cereals.