Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The feelings that invaded you over the weekend and clouded your heart will dissipate during the course of the day. This Monday you can count on tender experiences and friendly encounters that will leave a beautiful feeling in your soul.

Friends are understanding and at the same time fun, the drama has no place in your life today. There are solutions, changes, understanding, but there is room for sadness.

You won't be able to tolerate drama or anger. Therefore, it's best to avoid encounters with people who you know could vibrate these discordant energies.

Joy is cultivated and you can't sow good times in a field of thorns Capricorn. Take the distance from people who insist on making your life bitter.

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The skies over your career could be cloudy today. You may be feeling some resentment towards your colleagues, because they may not see the efforts you do every day or show bad intentions towards you. You'll receive information about someone who criticises your work and tries to get your fired.

Don't spend so much energy on these things. On the contrary, if you do it, you reinforce their malicious intentions. It's best that you focus your attention on yourself. If necessary, ask your guardian angels for help, they will listen to your request for assistance and provide you with the protection you need.


Beware of hypochondria today. The stars may lead you to experience a time in which contact with other people, even with pets, creates a fear of infectious diseases. Of course, there are viruses, but you don't always get sick when you get in contact with a virus.

If you think you need to strengthen your immune system, take probiotic foods, vitamins, drink more water and resting enough is the best type of medicine.