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Your Capricorn Horoscope for 2019

Yearly horoscope for Capricorn
Magic horoscope yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



The first three months of the year will be favorable regarding property acquisition or improvements on your love nest. 

Last year you had an intense love life, you've been through many difficulties, and you're exhausted. 

The new year might be able to bring you the emotional comfort that you strived for last year provided that you believe that your home is the best space to reconnect with your inner needs. Perhaps it's something done best alone, but the main issue here is finding a safe area, quiet and violence/aggression free. 

Specific unresolved issues from the past will resurface so you can deal with them and begin a new cycle. You'll struggle with your parents or an older member of your family; arguments might take place if you're not patient. 

You'll be the star of September as it will be a perfect month for celebration and parties. A wonderful time for weddings and family events. 

Single Capricorns might get married this year, and those that are already in a committed relationship will change the way they relate to their partner. 


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Saturn, the master of karma, will reward Capricorns for all their hard work from the last six years. All the sacrifices and diligence will pay off in this coming year. 

Natives of this sign will have an immense power at their disposal which will give you new professional opportunities and it's something you don't want to lose. 

This year you'll be in top form, ready to organize your work and get everything done. 

Halfway through the year, you'll experience some delays in receiving an answer regarding an important situation. Although it might be difficult to achieve, try and keep your optimism levels high and your new allies will soon help you find solutions. 

Financial gain will allow you to enjoy yourself more than your austere character allows typically. 


Capricorns that celebrate their birthday in the first Decan will experience some health issue regarding their bones, spine, and knees. Older Capricorns will struggle with arthritis, and the younger ones need to be careful with injuries to their bones or tendons as they might heal slower during this time. 

The ones born in the second Decan will be under Pluto's spell which will help them go through a radical transformation of their everyday life and their energy reserves. 

We recommend you get a medical check-up to make sure you don't have any severe health problems. Don't ignore persistent ailments and exercise more.