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 When it comes to keeping a secret, or pretending that you're unaffected by a situation, your poker face is one of your best qualities.

It’s almost a form of shielding yourself from any kind of emotional danger and it’s a way to avoid getting hurt. You’re able to go unnoticed, and you come off as being stronger than you actually are.

You keep things to yourself and this is never a good thing. For Capricorns in relationships, not sharing certain things could put their relationship in danger. For the single Capricorns out there, not expressing their feelings could lead them to miss out on great opportunities.  


You can’t seem to bring your ambition down a notch and you may not realize it, but it’s turned into more of an obstacle than a trampoline. As the month goes by, you’ll go through moments of weakness. Especially when you realize that nothing will change this month, nor the next month.

You’d love to have a job that paid better or one that at least had a better schedule so that you could have some more downtime. Today, you’ll get some great news, and you’ll realize that it’s going to completely change your career.

So, you could worry about what it could possibly be all weekend, or you could spend it relaxing and recharging your batteries. You’ll need to be in tip-top shape when Monday rolls around.


Carbohydrates aren’t something that you should deprive yourself of. Actually, they help you to keep up your energy levels more than you might realize.

Carbs form an essential part of a healthy diet. Although they have a bad reputation for being fattening, due to their high calorie content, they provide our bodies with the extra energy that they need.

If you don’t want to put on weight, avoid putting high-calorie sauces on them. The carbs themselves aren’t really the main culprits of our weight gain.

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