Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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This storyline that you’ve got in your head that you try to follow perfectly doesn’t seem viable.

It’s impossible to know exactly how someone will act, as well as you may know them and it’s even harder when this someone has just entered your life.

Today you’ll discover that the personality of your partner fluctuates more than you first thought and you’ll learn that people don’t always react the same way to situations.

You try to organize things so that certain life events will happen at a specific time and in a precise manner, but this attitude won’t get you very far.


Today, your main focus will be studying all of the options that different banks have to offer. Switching banks with the hopes of increasing your profitability will be the first step that you decide to take today with your new job situation.

As you’ll want to start with a clean slate, you’ll check out all of the possible alternatives. Keep in mind that you’re better off if you have a good understanding of all of the possibilities. Do your research because the cosmos don’t seem like they’ll help you much when it comes to making this decision.


Don’t force your body to do something that it really doesn’t want to do. If you’re tired, slow down your activities, and look for some time to rest and find the energy that you need to continue with your tasks.

This week will be hectic and you’ll need to do your best. Tomorrow you won’t get the chance to rest like today, so any energy that you can build up will be welcome.

On the other hand, the cosmos suggest that you avoid being too brave in certain circumstances that may occur today because it won’t get you far and it will be a waste of effort.