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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Capricorn’s powerful force of attraction may come as a surprise to many. At any given moment they are capable of creating a magnetic force that is impossible to avoid. This is the type of person that has a caused a lot of heartaches, like any self-respecting Don Juan, would.  

However, this attraction can disappear as quickly as it appeared in the first place. Unfortunately, today will lean more towards the latter option, and it won’t be the best day for you to meet someone new or to try and get to know that person that you have a crush on.



When you balance your budget this month, you’ll realize that at least now you’re making as much money as you’re spending. You still can’t afford to buy certain things, but at least you make ends meet, and you don’t have to carry debt over to the next month.

Your financial state will continue this way for a while, and this is good news for you after everything that’s happened. Finally, you can breathe easy, and you’ll be even better off when you realize that over time, things will just keep getting better. You’ll be totally free.


You get worried right off the bat when you notice that something in your body doesn’t seem to be quite right. Don’t fret, our bodies go through cycles that should be respected, in order to maintain their natural equilibrium.

If you experience back pain or migraines again, it’s probably a lingering side-effect of the heavy load that you’d been burdened with.

Today, you should try to get some activity in. Go for a run, or even just walk; this will help you to de-stress and get back on track.