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Capricorn Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
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You make even the grayest days sunny to cheer up the one you love the most. It’s amazing how one of the zodiac’s least romantic signs can show their love with such intensity when they are truly smitten.

The smile that you put on for this person when they’re feeling down in the dumps is one capable of making miracles, and you don’t even realize it. Only a lucky few are capable of seeing all of the goodness in you. Today you’ll receive all of the love that you’ve given recently, times three.


You don’t mind Wednesdays because you feel that you’re one step closer to the weekend. Also, the end of the month is just around the corner, and along with this, you hope to find the end of your financial problems, since you’ll receive a small raise.

Although this will improve your mood, you’ll still have a sense of instability, especially since this raise means new responsibilities and tasks that you’ll have to take on. All of this will stress you out; just breathe, count to ten, and just remember that it’s a matter of time.



Swimming is one of the best exercises for Capricorns, because it’s a full body workout, and allows them to go at their own pace without feeling that they need to overexert themselves.

Besides considering getting started at the pool, you should take special care of your joints. Over the course of the afternoon, you may notice some pain in your wrists, knees, or shoulders.

Take care of this as soon as possible, if you want to avoid this becoming a major problem in March.

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