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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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After the day yesterday, starting to plan a few days at home or some kind of getaway with your partner, will seem like a great idea. You feel the need to focus more on your partner and spend more time with him or her, almost as if it were a way of getting back all of the time that you’d lost due to daily obligations.

Having excitement in your lives again will also help you to remember why you have feelings for him or her and to leave past conflicts behind that threatened to separate you for good. You want to revive the spark that you felt at the beginning of your relationship and from this forge a strong and long-lasting connection.


The arrival of the new week means the end of your resting period. Something that you’d been excitedly awaiting. Although Mondays always tend to be an uphill climb, a wide array of possibilities will unfold before you, and today you’ll have the opportunity to finally focus on the tasks that really interest you.

You’d like to supervise a few coworkers and show off your leadership skills, something that you’d be able to put into practice if you decided to jump into the new project that they’ve proposed to you. The truth is that according to the cosmos, it’s highly likely that the company could improve thanks to your skills.


You’ll feel like your body is in tip-top shape, ready to face the days ahead. At the beginning of this week, you’ll be in the mood to admire and show off your figure. Stopping by the hairdresser or the beauty parlor could help you to maximize your potential.

Feeling perfect in every way will awaken your desire to go out there and conquer the world. Deep down you like being the center of attention, even if this is only occasionally.

You may even totally forget about those health problems of yours that had been dragging on for the past few weeks today. You will be absolutely glowing, Capricorn.

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