Capricorn Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd April by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Sunday
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Due to a very important shift in the cosmos, your passionate side will come out to shine. Today you’ll want to take delight in love’s flame and you won’t want to stray far from this; without conditions or attachments.

You’ll want to give this passion free reign and you’ll find just the right moments to do just this. Throughout the day today, your body will be craving physical contact with another person, Capricorn.

Although you’d like everything to be predictable and almost mechanical, today you’ll surprise yourself by pushing certain plans aside in order to be with this person.


Your intellectual side is stronger than you might think, Capricorn. However, you never seem to find the right way to channel this and show the world. If you’ve already come so far in your work, just imagine what you could accomplish if you took advantage of your abilities.

You should shed light on your abilities more often, it’s worthless to just keep this to yourself. You prefer to use your intelligence and ingenuity for other matters, but honestly letting this shine through in your work wouldn’t hurt.

Consider this possibility and try to put it into action during this coming week. You could be met with a pleasant surprise.


The fact that you’re at a good point in your sex life will save you from some emotional setbacks that were threatening to ruin your day. As bad as you may think that things are going, you’ll be able to seek refuge in the flames of passion.

This seems to be an irrational option for you, but sometimes you need to do this in order to balance yourself internally. You may be able to free yourself enough from stress to come out stronger than ever and face the battle that’s stirring in the workplace.

The important thing this weekend is to recharge your batteries, Capricorn. No matter how you choose to do it.