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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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When someone gives you good conversation and you feel that you can make a deep fulfilling connection with this person, the physical part takes the back seat for you.

You have the highly valuable ability to see beyond appearances, crossing borders and getting to know what's truly important: what's on the inside.

You're starting to change your emotional priorities, a movement that's the consequence of the change in mindset that you've been experiencing over the past few days in different aspects of your life.

Be careful, because if you fall in love, you'll feel totally lost. Having someone close to you can be very helpful when it comes to seeing the path that you must follow, a different route full of new intense emotions.


Take a step forward and change your luck in the professional sphere - as long as this comes with improved financial conditions - this is one of the main goals that you have in mind.

Don't be blinded by greed and come down to earth, Capricorn: remember that you can't build a house from the roof down.

Patience and reflection will be your allies when it comes to forming part of this new professional project that you're involved in.

On the other hand, you may also feel attracted to the success that risk is often associated with. They say that those that never take risks never win, true; but in your case, you should move forward with caution and avoid getting caught up in old sayings that don't apply to your particular case.


Getting home feeling totally exhausted could seem bleak. You have so many plans and obviously, having to rest deducts valuable time from your day.

If you keep going this way, you'll just end up even more tired and taking on the coming week will seem like an uphill battle to you.

Even if it's early, don't hold out, go to bed so that you can recuperate a few hours of sleep.