Capricorn Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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When jealousy comes onto the scene, everything collapses. In your case, it doesn’t matter whether this jealousy is coming from you or your partner. When it comes to this subject, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that’s able to reach an agreement with you.

The fact is that you’re starting to have doubts about how much your partner or that special person trusts you. Seeing your partner affected by jealousy in any measure will make you feel awful because, in your opinion, they’ve got no reason to question your faithfulness.

You’ll have to be strong today and share your best points and clarify things with them if you want this situation to calm down.


Doing business with certain people could be a huge risk for you. Your ability to work with people is rather limited. Although you tend to get along well with anyone and you’re always able to find something that you’ve got in common, if someone says something that goes against your core values, you’re no longer able to establish a relationship with him or her.

Coming to an agreement with this type of person is difficult for you, and it’s a challenge that you’ll be faced with throughout the day today. Learn to handle your emotions and separate your personal life from your professional life. If you use the right words and your usual techniques, you’ll be able to close this deal.


Your joints could experience swelling due to inflammation or pain caused by some sort of trauma or blow. When you realize that your ankles are more swollen than usual today, you’ll be on high alert.

Even though you may be able to solve this problem with some sort of cream or treatment, if it persists you should see your doctor.

Just because we tend to pay less attention to our feet usually, doesn’t mean that they’re less important, Capricorn.