Capricorn Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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You like traditional things the most, you can’t help this, and you shouldn’t feel guilty. If you want to have a big wedding and stand side by side with the person you love at the altar, you shouldn’t let others’ opinions interfere with you decisions.

In the end, you have to reach an agreement with the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’d love to have a wedding with a lot of guests and you want to stick to the traditions that have been followed for generations. If this is really what you want, go for it.


Having everything all planned out could leave you with more money than you expected. During a week where lady luck is on your side, you’ll receive unexpected good news.

You may receive a present from a family member or financial aid of some sort to help you to carry out those plans that you’ve been wanting to make happen. You need to pay closer attention when it comes to these situations if you really want to enjoy them.

If you have doubts when it comes to making a purchase, go for the thing that really excites you. Sometimes in life you have to stop focusing so much on the price tag, and put more value on getting what you really want.


Having everything under control will give you a sense of wellbeing and tranquility and this will be reflected in your mood. Instead of feeling vulnerable and worried about these issues that have been affecting your health over the past few days, you’ll feel much more positive.

Maybe this is because you’re getting closer to this change that you’re ready for or maybe, you simply have learned to let others take care of you. When there’s distance between us and certain problems of ours, is when we’re able to see the reality of these situations more clearly.