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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Friday 11th May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Friday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The cold side of your personality will end up getting you into trouble if you don’t hold yourself back enough. If you seem too evasive or in a bad mood, you may end up causing a misunderstanding that could end up provoking a fight between the two of you.

Relationships aren’t always easy, but they become even more complicated when there’s an external factor that tends to cause these problems that you lose sleep over frequently.

Before you offend someone with a comment, count to ten or go outside and get some fresh air if need be. There’s no need to complicate things and add problems to the long list that you have already.


Money is something that you really agonize over and is one of the issues that you have the hardest time facing. It may even become a source of conflict. It’d be best if you kept everything separate, this way you can be sure that no one’s getting into your checking account.

In the workplace, there are many Capricorns that prefer to be their own bosses by becoming business owners. This is the best way to be independent, even if it may lead you to feel a certain amount of instability at the end of the month.


Today it’d be best if you avoided taking steps that you’re unsure of. Leave important decisions for another day because today the position of the cosmos will keep you from seeing the right choice clearly.

Be very careful with saying particular things to certain people because you may end up regretting it. On a day like today, your mood will be likely to change, it’s likely that the effects of stress are working their magic on you. Although on the outside everything seems to be going just as usual, on the inside, you’ll be like a volcano that’s about to explode.