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Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast for Monday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 25th June
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you’ll be overflowing with feelings, you’ll be uneasy and your emotions will be running high.

But stay calm, this discomfort that you’re feeling only exists because you’re not used to dealing with your more emotional side.


If you just work on this a little, you won’t have to worry about something of this sort again.

This desire for freedom that has rooted itself in the deepest part of your being could cause change or even a breakup with someone important to you.

Just think if they’re really worth losing because there will be no turning back.


You need to learn to go with the flow.

This is hard for someone as rational as you are, but, the waxing moon’s influence goes beyond our own capacities.

Just flow, and you’ll see how destiny will bring you to exactly where you’re meant to be.


You continue to be experiencing a stroke of luck in economic terms.

Pay attention to anything new and listen more closely to your intuition.

Relax a little, or overexerting yourself to make everyone happy will end up pushing you over the edge.

Everyone else knows what you’re capable of; your perseverance and your kindheartedness.


Your body needs more activity. You don’t need more than two days of rest.

So, get off of the couch and work on your creative side a little more!

Although you may not think that this side of you exists, it’s there, waiting to surprise you and guide you on one of the most emotional journeys of your life.

The cosmos predict a big change in your life.

Whether it’s good or bad all depends on you.

So, you know, put a smile on your face and see what you’re capable of achieving.