Capricorn Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

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Distancing yourself from your partner isn’t normal. This attitude that they’re starting to develop is starting to worry you. You think that they’re hiding something or they’ve simply stopped feeling attracted to you. They don’t seem to be interested in hearing about your daily life.

You need to get over things that have happened in the past if you want to move forward. Also, you should place more emphasis on the future.

If there are times throughout the day where you feel like everything’s different now, don’t hesitate to take action. A chance to enjoy a moment of intense passion together could be the key.


You keep having to give it your all at work but you feel happy and satisfied with the results that you achieve. Although some Capricorns that will be feeling unsatisfied with their current job situation, others will feel like they’ve finally found their ideal workplace where they can actually grow professionally.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid the need to take things a little bit more slowly this week. Your priority will shift from keeping track of bills, projects, and clients to continuing to follow the established dynamic in order to avoid getting lost in your own tasks.


If you had a time machine, you wouldn’t hesitate traveling to the past to meet your old “self” in order to warn them of the bad things to come. Many people would make this same choice, but really this would just make us constantly worried about our gloomy futures.

Since things are already this way, it wouldn’t make much sense to live like this. Instead, a healthier option would be to respect the course of time and learn to enjoy the present. Don’t try to make sense of all of these negative things: some things in life don’t need an explanation.