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The time has come to truly devote yourself to love, without any limitations. Although this is a matter that's kept you busy for quite some time now, it seems like you never totally dived in without reservations.

You shouldn't allow your lack of trust to keep you from falling into the arms of the person that you love. However, it's true that even the person that we least expect can fail us, but, we have to take this risk since the benefits are priceless.

If you've been by this person's side for a long time, just think that you've already won half the battle, Capricorn. If this isn't the case, maybe totally diving in isn't the best idea, but you should leave your worries that you're losing sleep over behind. You have nothing to fear.


The week has gone by at the speed of light. It seems that you'll receive several pieces of news throughout the day today. Although it's the weekend, all signs point to one of these being good news related to your business.

You may get a positive response from one of your clients or colleagues in your field that you sent a professional proposal to. 

On the other hand, it's also possible that some Capricorns that are out of work may get a call back from a business that they sent a job application to. 

On a day marked by job opportunities and good news, nothing that's related to the workplace could possibly go badly.


The media helps you to know what's going on around you and in the outside world, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it directly affects you. In other words: not everything that you hear today on TV will be the absolute truth.

A specific piece of news could seem quite alaming to you and you may end up getting upset because of this. Seeing that there was a traffic accident or that they've taken a certain product off of the market will make you feel uneasy when you realize that you or a family member could be affected by this.

You'll absorb all negative things when it comes to health, plain and simple, Capricorn. You should try to protect yourself from these bad vibes. Before you become alarmed, take a deep breath and visualize a white aura of light protecting you. This will make you feel better.