Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If you're single, you may be feeling a bit nostalgic and insecure throughout the day today, especially if you see or feel that your search for new love has become complicated.

Don't worry! There's a very interesting person just around the corner, so close, that you could even run right into them at any moment. It seems that, unconsciously, you're starting to prepare yourself for what's to come.

Magic Horoscope's cosmos predict that this new person will come into your life - and in a few specific cases, it's already arrived for many Capricorns - and will stick around for a long time, longer than you may think. For the time being, you're preparing yourself for what's to come.


You'll come into a significant amount of money out of pure luck, although you also risk losing money. So, in the end, your accounts will end up just as they were before gambling.

Today isn't a day where your decisions in this sphere will be on point, so slow down and don't let yourself be guided by your gut feelings.

If you feel inspired to look for a new source of income, besides avoiding gambling, you should also listen to that little voice inside your head. In any case, remember that you shouldn't take unnecessary risks.


A feeling or a hunch that leads you to do ridiculous things isn't the best idea today. This goes for both gambling an health, Capricorn. You're not at risk when your personality doesn't lead you to do risky things.

Be careful when it comes to listening to others' opinions since Magic Horoscope's cosmos reveals that there's an evil voice that's trying to have a negative impact on you through words.