Capricorn Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Having to spend time away from your partner will seem like a heavy burden that’s difficult to carry. During this time where you’ve put them on a pedestal, being away from him or her, will seem like a complicated challenge.

At some point, you’ll have to tend to your friendships, Capricorn, or spend time with your family members. And this doesn’t even take those pending tasks that only you can do into account.

Maybe finding a middle ground is hard for you in love: you either get to close or you end up seeming cold and distant. No one will understand this, Capricorn.


When you don’t focus enough on how much certain things cost, you don’t value them enough. Today you may continue to fall into the temptation of wasting money since you’ve got your eyes set on the imminent arrival of your paycheck.

However, it’s time to look beyond the present and think about the mid-term: the vacation that you wanted to take, the remodeling project in your home or the car repair, will all require a significant investment.

Why don’t you stay home today and avoid making certain purchases? Instead, you can take the time to make a budget for the important project or trip that you’re planning.

You may be surprised when you discover that there’s a recurring expense that’s absorbing a significant part of your income.


You have many hopes and dreams that you don’t share with anyone. These form a part of your inner-self and they don’t need to be aired out. Every once in a while, you accidentally let one escape.

The truth is that you can’t avoid resigning yourself to the idea that you’d feel a little out of place if you gave free reign to these ideas, so you prefer to hide them.

You just stick to watching others have fun doing activities that you don’t think that you’re capable of or that you think you’d be criticized for if you took part in.

You’re at an important point in your life right now: take a closer look at your actions and search for a way to feel more comfortable with yourself.