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Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast for Tuesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th June
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Your mild-mannered temperament in love may unexpectedly give way to your passionate side today. Just because you’re not good at expressing your emotions, doesn’t mean that you don’t have them. Behind this strong image that you put forth, hides a person, that like any other, could become jealous at any moment.

The changing of the moon’s phase will cause those of your sign to be very sensitive emotionally. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll feel a certain amount of instability that will have you feeling quite jealous throughout the day today.

Seeing that the person that you’re interested in has a special connection with someone besides you, will make you feel awful, especially if you’re single and you ‘ve already shared your feelings with this person.


You’re always trying to progress and move forward professionally so that you can finally take that big step in your career. Because of this, you’re usually the first to agree to participate in all of the projects that you find interesting.

Today, however, it would be best if you spent time researching applications that could help you to manage your tasks better, rather than looking for new challenges.

Currently, there are an endless amount of apps that act as agendas that allow you to have everything in one place and receive notifications and reminders for appointments and pending tasks. Also, having a physical agenda is a little out of date now and it’s annoying to tote something like this around as well.


You’ll be able to get your immune system in shape and give your body a break if you change some of your eating habits. This vibe that you’re feeling that’s making you feel so wonderful just needs a little push to shine even more.

Choosing recipes and dishes that you haven’t eaten for a while now, and that make your body feel great, could be an excellent option. Even though you’re a little bit rusty in the kitchen, you have to remember that you’re an expert on preparing nutritious dishes and on planning balanced meals.

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