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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for This Coming Friday, June 15th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Friday
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Try as you might to hide it, you can’t deny that, just like any other person in love, you can also get jealous at times. The stronger your feelings are, the higher the likelihood, although you wouldn’t admit this to yourself.

Today this jealousy may rear its ugly head and become the protagonist of ridiculous fits of anger. You’ll be feeling especially vulnerable and the moment that this person does even the smallest thing, you’ll totally lose it.

Clearly, these emotions keep you from being happy and could turn into an obstacle in your relationship, Capricorn. This would be understandable if you could justify your reasons, but this isn’t the case.


You really don’t like spending money on things that you consider unnecessary. When it comes down to it, you’re just not willing to pull out your wallet. You’re always looking for ways to earn money, the more the better, but you almost never invest it in yourself.

Really, money’s only true purpose is to spend it on all of your needs. You’re not cheap when it comes to things related to your family or partner, right? So then why should you be this way with yourself, Capricorn?

Forget about saving so much, because later you’ll always end up losing money through interest. In order to come out winning, sometimes you have to spend. Of course, try doing this a bit more happily and without so many qualms.


Your family will take the spotlight and turn into the center of a series of personal problems. There are several people that you find very difficult to deal with.

You think that your life is a true headache thanks to this and you even try to stay as far away as possible to keep this from affecting you. You think that you’ve got enough on your plate on your own.

It’s true that always having to look out for others’ actions is tiresome, but it’s also true that sometimes you’ve got no other choice but to keep moving forward.