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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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Inside of you, there’s an almost hidden will, however, this will guides you always in the emotional realm. The idea of being with someone that perfectly complements you excites you and responds to your need to feel and express this passion that you only show when you really have feelings for someone.

When this doesn’t happen, you feel unwell, and without realizing why, you’ll look for comfort in someone else’s arms. Luckily, this new love that has come into single Capricorns’ lives, along with the good vibes that are also impacting those in relationships, will help you to feel at home.


Capricorns’ greatness is at its peak when they have a job that allows them to show off their talent to others, both to their colleagues and their friends and family members.

Because of this, finally finding a position that seems to be tailor-made for you, has brought back your enthusiasm. You’d prefer not to work at all before doing something that’s not up your alley. However, you’ve had to push these feelings aside out of sheer need.

You’ll reach the top if you keep moving along steadily and act accordingly. It’s not that far-fetched now, taking a look back will help you to realize how far you’ve come. You’re proud to share this with everyone.


It was hard for you to get used to being at home during the afternoon, but now that your schedule is so chaotic, you’ll be missing that time that you had at home to relax a little.

Being so active constantly will make you feel more tired than usual. Things could be spoilt a bit if you have to balance this schedule with an annoying headache on top of that. Only rest and getting enough sleep will allow you to start the new day with motivation.