Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Unlike yesterday, today, you'll be feeling unloved. However, Capricorn's stubborn side will make an appearance, and because of this, you'll avoid seeking out your partner, as much as you may feel like being with them.

Instead of doing this, you'll become distant and treat your partner coldly. Really, what you're doing is hitting a wall that's impossible to topple over. It's not worth wasting so much effort on something so irrelevant.

Let your mind rest in the arms of love. If you do this, you'll experience new feelings that will bring you comfort.


You'll keep obsessing over keeping everything under control. The thought of having your finances get out of control is your worst nightmare. 

This means that you might even stop trusting those close to you. If there's some kind of mistake, you'll want to know how and why first hand. 

In your opinion, this is the secret to success and the key to saving this situation. To top things off, there are cell phone apps that allow you to keep up to date with everything going on in your account almost instantly. This is a dream come true for you.


Repetitive motions are your weakness. As a good Capricorn, you enjoy stability and control. This is why your favorite activities include repetitive movements. 

A good example of this is when you go cycling: you pedal and pedal knowing that the motion will always be the same. The problem is when you have to change your posture or the position in which you are most comfortable. This really bothers you and makes you extremely uncomfortable.