Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You’ve started off this week with your heart on your sleeve. You’ll feel a dire need to let your passion flow and, if you could, you’d spend all day with that special someone without leaving their side for a single second.

Because of this, missing this person throughout the day shouldn’t seem torturous, but instead, it should seem like an incentive to get you through the day. Then, when you finally get home, you’ll be so thrilled that you’ll be able to love them and care for them more than ever.

Making this person feel special will generate a wave of love that will be reciprocated with even more love.


You have an emergency plan for times when things get rough. After a few days facing big setbacks without much movement, today, you’ll finally reap the benefits of your efforts.

You know that this emergency plan is the key to your financial success, and because of this, today you’ll make sure that you haven’t left any loose ends. You’re completely aware that an unexpected bill could throw you into an unstable economic situation at any given moment.


Slowly you’ve gotten used to doing some exercise after work, and now this has turned into a habit that would be hard for you to kick.

Riding your bike, going for a run, taking a walk, or even giving it your all at the gym helps you to feel like you’re in better shape and less stressed out. This regimen has become a fundamental part of your everyday life.

When you realize that your life is much better than you thought, you’ll be able to get rid of this negativity that makes your days seem gray.