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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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You're not a person that's exactly an affair lover, but every once in a while you get caught up in the idea of losing yourself in the arms of a stranger whose body is unknown to you. 

If you're in a relationship you could run into serious problems unless both of you have reached an agreement regarding this matter. However, letting yourself get too carried away by your primal instincts could bring you more headaches than you'd like.

Single Capricorns won't be worry free either because the position of the cosmos reveals that things won't go exactly wonderfully with this person that you just met.


With the new week that's just begun, you'll start off by working towards meeting your goals and commence a new phase as a professional willing to show what you're made of. You'll ask for everything that you need to do your job well without any hesitation.

The first step for you will be reorganizing your team, a proposal that you won't think twice about presenting to your bosses first thing in the morning. Your emotional side will lead you to have your doubts at the most decisive moment, but it's highly likely that your practical side will end up taking over.

If you have your argument prepared and you're convincing enough, your superiors won't be able to object. On the other hand, start preparing your portfolio of clients and cutting back costs so that you can start moving forward with some of your projects.


Your back muscles are constantly exposed to a series of possible mishaps or unfavorable situations, like bad posture or repetitive and inactive tasks, for example.

In spite of this, today you'll finally start seeing results and your back will start to feel much stronger and better. This is the positive sign that you'd been waiting for since it marks the beginning of the end of the terrible back pain that tormented you so terribly every once in a while.