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Capricorn Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 12th May by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Saturday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You always try to know what you want to say beforehand when it comes to dealing with relationship problems. Opening up to your partner is always a good thing and although it isn’t something that you typically do when it does happen, it seems like you’re reading a verdict.

Nothing that your partner says or does can change your mind and this is also an obstacle, because in the end, instead of reaching an agreement, you end up imposing your own criteria. This attitude isn’t recommendable after the bad mood that you were in yesterday, Capricorn.


The weekend could unfold in a manner similar to the rest of the week: you’ll have to stick to your commitments and resolve economic matters.

Today could be a good day to plan how the coming days will play out, this way you’ll avoid being in a rush at the last minute. It’s just as important to plan things correctly as actually getting the work done.

Some key criteria to keep in mind, as it will help you get things done more easily, is remembering that you should complete one task before starting another.


You’ll be met with an unpleasant surprise as you could find some sort of mark on your skin, like a rash or redness in a specific area. A little bit of pain, discomfort or a burning sensation could be the beginning of something more, so don’t hesitate to see your doctor immediately.

Maybe this is just a food allergy or the result of eating food that was expired or not in the proper condition. However, you should focus on ruling out an intolerance that you’re beginning to develop that could affect your body on a more severe level.