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You’d really like to know what it feels like when someone truly loves you. Maybe this is because you’re young or because you haven’t met the right person, the truth is that deep down you’re not sure if what you’ve experienced was true love.

It seems like your heart, generally tends to give way to your mind, and it sees how possible alternatives to enjoy love are escaping its clutches and it doesn’t want this situation to be postponed much longer.

Unfortunately, love’s arrival can’t be predicted exactly, as it tends to arrive just when we least expect it. Make sure that you know what you really want and be patient for the time being.


If you’ve had to spend more than you expected, you’ll feel deceived even if it isn’t your fault. You like to have everything under control and when unexpected things come before you predict them, they put you to the test and lead you to feel extremely frustrated.

In your face to face meeting with your bank statement, you’ll feel as if they’ve won by a landslide. This defeatist attitude won’t get you anywhere, Capricorn. In the end, there are things that are out of our hands and we should take them as opportunities to put our abilities to the test.


Having the physical appearance that you think that you deserve means investing in it, whether this means time or money. One of the things that does the most wonders for our physical state is happiness, or at least, being comfortable with the life that we have.

When you smile you’re capable of transmitting unimaginable strength, however, it will seem harder each time if you’re conscious of this. If you stop to think about it, being in a good mood is another good way to transmit this strength that you carry within and to share this with others.

If the people around you see that you’re motivated, it will be easier for them to count on you for certain things.