Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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Your way of showing love is special and different than what some people may expect. When you want someone to know that you’re interested in them, you act differently than this person may have imagined.

Your strategy of seeming distant and tough won’t pique their interest in you, Capricorn. If you really want a relationship, you should consider coming up with a new plan.

Acting arrogant and grouchy won’t make you seem more attractive, but instead exactly the opposite. Although some people are attracted to this, risking the possibility that they aren’t isn’t logical.


You’ll need some help in taking the first steps towards the creation of your own business. First, you may need someone to support you financially. Someone that can finance the logistical aspect of the matter in order to get things going.

Today you’ll receive the best kind of help: thanks to a family member. If you’d been forced to apply for a loan, you’d have a lot of debt to pay off, and you’d have to pay off the interest as well.

In this sense, you have the security of knowing that you can return them the same amount of money that they’ve loaned you. Don’t pass up this opportunity; accept their offer.


Be careful to avoid exposing yourself to certain environments where you could catch an infection. Today will be a little bit hectic and you’ll have to work things out in order to deal with this.

You’ll take a step backward mentally when you remember a time that you suffered an ailment that caused you a lot of physical pain. Then, you could tell things weren’t right by just getting up. Today this will repeat itself.

The fever and the bad taste that those days left in your memories won’t help things either. Take this situation philosophically.