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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Editorial Team


Love: Spot on considerations

Love shines during these first days of July, as the source of energy that you need to start off at your best. At the same time, a new phase of reflection and consideration will open up: valuing what you have will make you appreciate the differences with respect to your past relationships and those that you had with people that you didn't feel a real connection to. 

For this reason, those that are in relationships with someone new should consider the possibility of switching up their priorities a bit, being less demanding, and enjoying their lives with fewer worries and keeping in mind everything that the other person can bring into their lives and teach them. 

The 6th of July will be an especially important date this month since there's the possibility that some Capricorns that are in relationships may consider the possibility of expanding or starting a family with their partners. 

In general, the coming weeks will be marked by reflection that could lean towards negativity due to the lunar influence. However, in the end, things will be positive and give way to learning opportunities and the chance to experience love in a new maturer and more realistic way.

The second half of the month will start off in a stable manner and those that are in relationships will be convinced that they're indeed with the right person. 

Single Capricorns, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to meet interesting people, but they should beware: as they get to know this person better, they may realize that they don't have the same intentions.

Money: July, a complicated month

Looking at your bank account is something that stresses you out, generally speaking, Capricorn, and this month won't be any different. Remember that the key lies in using your imagination to find all of the possible solutions and to thus get through the month difficulty free.

If you do this right, the life that you dream of having will disappear, and you'll start dreaming of the life you already have if you aren't so worried about financial matters. This will give your mind a little break.

In order to do this, you may have to give up some plans. So that you don't feel frustrated, just remember that everything that you save today implies benefits that you'll be able to enjoy in the future.

Arguments in your workplace are bound to happen and will continue to happen throughout the month of July. Avoid conflicts as much as possible, but don't let people use you as their doormat either.

Sticking to your tasks and avoiding distractions will do you well - this will also keep you from having to put in extra hours - to keep you away from these issues, that will come about due to a series of difficulties at your company.

On the other hand, it's also possible that you may have to face a series of changes regarding your working conditions as a consequence of this. These won't be favorable, but you won't have any other option but to push through.

Health: Relaxation will be key

The more positive energy you send to the Cosmos, the more you'll get back, Capricorn. This phrase should become your motto for July, as the month will be a little delicate generally due to the change in mindset that you'll experience on an emotional level and the financial and job difficulties that you'll face.

That's the way it is, in spite of the adversities keep a calm, relaxed, and positive attitude, to avoid falling into a spiral of negativity that could end up harming your health.

During the beginning of July, you'll see that the time has come to start taking certain dietary supplements since your body will start to feel the effects and you won't be feeling very well.

Your back pain will continue to be present, but as the weeks go by, it will finally disappear from your life for good. So, you just need to have a little bit of patience and stick to your doctor's recommendations.

On the other hand, the change of lunar phases will bring your emotional side to light. However, it's true that contradictory reactions could end up manifesting themselves. 

Towards the halfway point this month, you'll realize that you've lost a considerable amount of weight, Capricorn, a result of hard work. Thanks to this, this rest of the month will seem more bearable, but this doesn't mean that you should get too comfortable and start slacking off when it comes to healthy habits.