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Read Your Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Monday 28th May

Find out Your Forecast for Today, Monday
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Having an unconventional relationship may be something that you’d like. You’re not a fan of living double lives, but you would like to be able to continue experiencing new feelings of a sexual nature.

To avoid conflict, you should put the cards out on the table and be honest with yourself and your partner. It’s not considered cheating if both parties are in agreement and the lines that shouldn’t be crossed are clear.

Once you’ve reached a consensus, you may be surprised to find out that you’re actually really comfortable in the relationship with your partner. In any case, the first step is setting clear rules in your relationship.


When you don’t work you can’t be as involved in matters that happen at your company as when you’re there actively. This means that you should put more effort into disconnecting and keeping your mind off work when you’re at home.

Your work is putting too much pressure on you, the time has come to consider whether you live to work or work to live. Maybe you’d feel more comfortable if you decided to start a business on your own.

This is an alternative that you could give a try. Although being part of this company guarantees you a certain amount of stability, the truth of the matter is that you don’t entirely dislike the idea of giving it a go on your own.


Over the course of this Monday, especially in the afternoon, you’ll start to feel dizzy and unwell, and maybe even have a bad headache again.

We’re going through a period where it could be harder for our bodies to adapt to the environment, however, this instability that you’re experiencing will drag out for a few more weeks. Be patient and take care of yourself the best you can.