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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday

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Love isn't about appearance, Capricorn. This is an idea that you reject now, although you admit that you used to think this way before. The first relationships that you were in, probably, responded to the ideals that everyone expected - or wanted - from you.

This means that instead of going for that person that you really felt a special connection with, you let your aspirations in love sit on the back burner. 

As time passes you've decided to change directions and now that you feel so close to this new person, you realize that you couldn't have been more right. 


The life that you really want to live is dependent on your expenses. You may need to earn a higher income than you're earning, to be able to fill some holes that you've had for a while now.

Some of those cravings have been starting to cross your mind - that seems to be more focused on your next vacations than anything else - this isn't good for you.

And according to the revelation of the cosmos, this could end up leading you to take on more expenses than you should. Think twice about whether you really need something and this will keep you from going even further into debt.


If you're taking some sort of dietary supplement, you should think about halting your consumption of this as soon as possible. Some of its components could be causing you discomfort, most likely related to stomach issues.

Wanting to eat all sorts of foods is a good thing, but it's best if you do this by eating real foods and not pills. There are endless options on the market of a wide variety.

Remember that there's nothing better than natural things, in spite of positive effects that certain treatments could have on friends or family members. Also, all bodies aren't alike, Capricorn.