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Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for Saturday July 28th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Saturday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The passion that you try to keep hidden in the deepest depths of your being will end up coming to light sooner or later, Capricorn. This means that a love affair that will shake things up is predicted in your near future.

If you tend to hide your fantasies, generally speaking, and this opportunity will seem good enough to feel that sense of 'liberation' that you feel when you make some of your deepest desires come true when you thought that you'd never be able to.

In fact, you should feel free to express your feelings, something that you shouldn't hesitate to do, now that you seem willing to unleash this true Capricorn that doesn't stop when the time comes to do things that you've always dreamed of doing.


Putting an enquiring look on your face, when you analyze every last detail of others' work, isn't the best idea for you right now. Especially if you're trying to create a good environment for the members of your team. 

It's great that you want to do your best on the tasks at hand and get excellent results, but you shouldn't put your nose in others' work so much or you may end up making enemies.

If you do this, you'll be creating problems with people that limit themselves to doing what's expected of them, but that aren't really willing to imply themselves and work on getting closer as a team, and this is what it's all about, right?



Although you don't always act consequently, you always like to have a clear goal to work towards. When it comes to health, however, you just can't seem to find the right path to follow.

It would be good if you ignored certain thoughts about yourself, that aren't even true. You often dislike yourself, and this generates more stress and anxiety than you may realize.

You're always willing to do good and help others, why don't you do this for yourself? You're worth just as much as anyone else, cheer up a little, and you'll find that you'll be your own best ally.