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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Tuesday

Find out Your Capricorn Horoscope for Today, 17th July
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Even if today is a Tuesday, you should put on your best clothes, because you're going to receive very special and important news that will change your life. In this new phase, love will become the protagonist once again.

Your partner may ask for your hand in marriage or to move in with you. If you've already gone through these phases, don't worry, since the cosmos reveal that you'll go one step further and possibly bring a little baby girl or boy into this world.

It would do you well, to be honest, and avoid getting carried away with your emotions, Capricorn. This means that, if for one reason or another the proposal doesn't seem like a good idea to you, don't hesitate to share your feelings when it comes to this.


You have a payment that you have to make on an account and today is probably the day when you'll receive an unpleasant notification that you need to pay this debt back, or else. 

Your cell phone will be ringing off the hook today, and you'll feel like you're able to attend to everything besides your financial matters. You could ask some of your family members to help you to resolve this problem, and later settle things with them. 

On the other hand, you may also feel intimidated when the time comes to explain the complicated nature of your financial situation and decide to ignore the requirement. This will only make matters worse, Capricorn.


You may feel a little dizzy at the end of the day today, but it won't be anything serious enough to keep you from doing certain things. The change in temperature is noticeable and this could be impacting your body's functions.

If you're still not used to drinking enough water, it's likely that this dizziness is caused by dehydration. Try to always have a bottle of water on hand and get used to drinking even if you don't feel very thirsty.