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Capricorn Astral Horoscope for Tuesday 22nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You’ve become nothing but a cold body that just shows up to sleep in bed with your partner by obligation each night. Your warmth changes with your mood and these days you’re icy cold. Either way, your relationship continues to transform and not always for the better.

Having someone by your side that’s just as unstable as you are isn’t necessarily a good thing, since this could end up creating a rift between the two of you that may be difficult to close. Thinking that you’re a person with very clear ideas means that you rarely give in when they twist your arm, even when you’re wrong.


Creating a list of expenses that you can afford has its downfalls, since investing in anything outside of this list will lead you to believe that this will end up ruining your economic situation or making it more complicated.

However, it’s not a bad idea as long as you do this being realistic. This way, you’ll also be able to control 100% of your business’s expenses.

If money was something that could be printed freely by anyone, there would be no losses and everyone would be a millionaire. You have to adapt yourself to the situation in the most realistic way possible.


Ending the day with new pain in the lower back will be a reality that you’ll be able to grasp. Maybe the treatment that you’re doing isn’t enough, or you’re not taking care of yourself like you should.

Today will be one of those days where being in pain will seem especially inconvenient. Maybe you haven’t found the source of this pain yet. If you don’t start to nip this problem in the bud, it will be hard to find a way to make it disappear for good.