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Capricorn, if you’re single, look up at the stars and tell them exactly who you dream of meeting. If you do this, they just may listen to you and put this person that you’ve dreamed of on your path.

Destiny is strange and unpredictable; but if it’s meant to be, it will happen sooner or later. A series of unexpected coincidences will put this person on your path, but you’ll have to pay close attention in order to realize who this is, and you’ll have to consider the possibility of getting to know them better.


Today balance in your personal and family lives will play a very important role, Capricorn. You’d like to be able to spend as much time at home as you do at work and be up to date with all of your duties in both places.

Because of how some workdays are set up, there’s really very little time to enjoy life at home or to have enough time to get certain tasks done.

Right now you’ll be forced to ask for help. For example, you may have to ask a family member to go pick up your children at school or to do some sort of errand for you. You don’t like asking for this kind of favor, but it’s your only choice.


If you create a weekly menu, you should stick to it and avoid wasting time. Having a menu plan to follow could help to increase your efficiency, but you won’t know if this works for you until you try it for yourself.

People are afraid of uncertainty, and in your case, you actually feel panicked, but you don’t do anything to fix this. If you really want to follow this weekly menu plan, start by making sure that you have all of the foods at home that you plan on eating.