Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



In Greek mythology, Capricorn is associated with Amalthea, the goat that raised Zeus on the island of Crete, to protect him from his father, Cronos, that ate his other children.

When the god of Olympus became an adult, he made armor using the skin of this goat, that became the Aegis. Later, Zeus gave this shield to his daughter Athena, the goddess of war. Athena is known precisely for this shield and the helmet that she wears.

Because of this, those born under this sign are people that don’t tend to show how much they care with words, however, they give it their all for their partner, family, and friends in other ways.

Today will be a very important day for you, because today, you’ll reveal your true feelings for that special someone by caring for them, just as Amalthea protected Zeus.


This weekend you’ve had to face some challenging obstacles that have put your checking account in jeopardy. On the bright side, you’re at an advantage in these situations, because your experience allows you to handle this type of issue with grace.

However, you won’t be able to help feeling regret for having spent so much on that leisure activity that you took part in. On the other hand, you had the opportunity to make a new professional contact, that in the future will be of great help. Take advantage of this.


You won’t have to worry much about your health today, but a little bit of rest would do you wonders. You like to take advantage of Sundays to recharge your batteries and save up your energy to face the week ahead, and today will be no exception.

You’ll even maybe delegate some tasks in order to get a little bit of rest. This is a lot coming from you, especially since your personality normally leads you to take on more work than you can handle.