Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Whether you’re single or attached, when you’re in love you don’t hold back when it comes to showing your feelings. Today, cell phone apps have turned into a great tool for meeting new people, although most of the time it seems that they just turn out to be sporadic encounters.

On days like today, that will be more than enough for you. But, you might surprise yourself and meet someone that could turn out to be more interesting than their profile let on. Sometimes, when you least expect it, Cupid decides to shoot his arrow and end up hitting a bull’s eye.


Time flies and before you know it the month will be over. The hard days when you counted the hours until this week’s arrival will be further and further behind you, and now, suddenly it’s here.

The first quarter of the year is coming to a close. Your perception of time changes and everything goes by much faster when you’re at peace and you enjoy each day as much as possible.

During the second quarter of this year, the economic realm will continue on this stable path. However, it’s true that you’ll face entirely different challenges. Keep an eye out for those that could end up competing with you.


You’re moving in an almost robotic fashion. This is what happens when you’re not used to going out at night or being very active. Throughout the day today, you’ll feel especially tense and exhausted, something that will end up affecting the way that you move.

Your discomfort will push you to start thinking of ways to start feeling better. At the gym, you won’t enjoy yourself and you’ll just end up overwhelmed. Maybe it’d be better to do something a little less hardcore, like going for a walk or running at your own pace.