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During this week, which will be marked by its sentimental stability, single Capricorns will be those that will be faced with the most notable situations. This is because, in the end, those in relationships will just be worried about doing as many things as possible together with their partners.

Feeling desired by a stranger will put you in a great mood if you’re single, but be careful in your response to their advances if you want to avoid feeling deceived. Remember that before you take action, it’s best to be sure of the outcome that you’ll achieve.


You might perceive a situation at work that you won’t like one bit. In spite of your independent personality, there are circumstances that are totally illogical, and they infuriate you.

After spending a lot of time at the company, and working hard to rise to a good position, now you see that an acquaintance of your boss is getting paid the same salary as you are without even knowing the first thing about how your sector works.

They say that the best way to respond to being provoked is with indifference. So, you’ll just have to count to ten and keep doing your job.


The truth is that you don’t even know where to start when it comes to eating healthy. Someone close to you is very knowledgeable about healthy eating habits. If you have any questions about a recipe or the best time of the day to eat certain foods, ask him or her.

Having everything under control is an idea that seduces you and that will bring you to gather all of the information that you possibly can. For starters, eliminate carbohydrates from your dinners: its calories are the hardest to burn.