Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you’ll avoid spending an excessive amount of time with your partner. After perceiving some hostility on their part, which you didn’t appreciate one bit, you’ll try to keep your distance because of the way that they handled certain things.

For a sign like yours, having differing opinions on a certain topics is something that could spark an argument. First off, it’s always hard for you to realize that you’re not always right, and you’ve got to admit that you’re a little stubborn.

You should go with your intuition and avoid looking for confrontations. Keep doing what you’ve done up until now in this sense, if you want peace, you’ll have to do everything that you can to attract it.


When you realize that you’re in the second half of the month, it seems like things start to get out of control. You should start keeping a budget and making sure that everything is going as planned, this is the only way to avoid overdrawing your accounts.

Even if you do this, you’ll never be totally safe. Unexpected expenses seem to be lurking around every corner. It might not be easy, but the time has come to find a way to come up with a “plan b” to back you up in the least expected circumstances.

You’ll probably have some wriggle room, but the cosmos don’t predict that it will be easy to find.


Putting a little bit of color in your home could help you to relieve your stress a little. Being in a peaceful and pleasant environment after a long day of work could prove to be more beneficial than you think.

The way that our homes are organized says a lot more about us than we might realize. Take a look around you and figure out what changes you could make, keeping in mind that these changes should make you feel good.

After a hard day, enjoying pleasant surroundings can make us think “home sweet home”. This is a pleasure that we sometimes overlook.