Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You love it when the person that you share your life with is happy and you get really worried when you think that they aren’t. If they change their mind about something or their attitude seems to change overnight it’s hard for you to understand. Because of this, today you’ll be feeling a little bit thrown off.

You’re starting to think that there’s something more that you just aren’t able to understand. In reality, there probably is something that’s causing your beloved to lose sleep at night, but it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you.

In any case, you still can’t know for sure what’s going on.


Being compensated for your efforts at work will make you feel especially motivated today on the job. You probably feel like your commitment to the company is growing and you want to get even more involved in your tasks and in some projects that involve teamwork.

If you’re able to start out this week with a more defined schedule, you’ll be able to invest the time that you need to complete your responsibilities both in and out of the workplace.

If you get away with yourself too much out of excitement, you may end up making the same mistake of spending too much time at work and too little on the truly important things in life.


You continue contemplating what you can do to get active again and get more physical exercise. However, the truth is that having such a wide array of options isn’t helping you to make this decision.

However, you shouldn’t use this indecision as an excuse to postpone your start date. If you’re really feeling motivated to get out there and do something, almost any option will be viable.

For example, to go out for a run or a walk you don’t need much, you can do this anytime and adapt this activity to your lifestyle.