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Capricorn Forecast for Tuesday 20th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You’ll be surprised by your partner’s hostile behavior, and you’ll find it hard to forgive them. You’ll jump at the slightest hunch, and with that being said, they probably had a good reason to react the way they did.

The impact that the current lunar phase is having on your regent planet isn’t the most positive one. This interaction is causing Capricorns to show off their dominant side.

You’ll get angry for no reason whatsoever and you’ll say that they should respect your decisions. You’ll shut them down if they try to go against you. Because of your attitude, they may see giving you your space as their only option. Luckily, this will be temporary.


If you’re working on a task or a project that you’re really passionate about, you could work non-stop. Putting in extra hours without compensation doesn’t benefit you, but you realize that you’ve fallen into this before because of your workaholic tendencies.

This trait is something that you’d taken care of a few days ago after getting into some sort of altercation. However, today it’s in danger of repeating itself. Taking your bad mood into account, try to take some alone time if you can.

If this happens too often, be careful: besides creating family problems, some coworkers might not appreciate this attitude very much.



Today you won’t be in the mood to hear certain comments, that will present themselves in the most twisted of ways.

Keep in mind that this bad mood is just momentary and the result of the cosmos’ influence. If you do this, you’ll choose to tune out and listen to music, let these comments fall on deaf ears, or go out for a walk.

Although today hasn’t been as positive as you’d like, getting out to clear your mind and contain this bad mood that’s putting your health at risk, will do you well.