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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for 26th June

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There is good news for you today. You’ll be able to make a big change in your life during the course of this day.

The cosmos are on your side, and Saturn is aligned with them in order to further your incredible potential.

It’s up to you to decide whether to be brave and take the plunge or to stay in your comfort zone.


The influence of retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio will inspire you and make you become a much more loving and passionate being.

This implies taking a certain risk, something that you might not like very much.

But, it’s necessary to evolve and grow as people, and because of this, situations that will push you to take more risks and discover hidden sides of yourself will appear.


Your goal for today is to be more trusting.

Leave your perfectionist and suspicious side behind, and think that you’re not the only one that realizes how much potential you have.

People around you are totally hooked on you, so open your soul and let them discover the beautiful creature that you really are on the inside.


Today will be full of activities that will help you to develop your creative side that you keep so hidden.


Use your ideas to open up new perspectives, because today you’ll get them at just the right place and time.

However, you’ll have to control your spirit that’s rearing to go and that sometimes opts to fight before finding something in common.


Even if you know that you’re right, you should learn to bite your tongue sometimes, or you could end up losing it.

Just think that having such an excellent background like you do awakens jealousy in many, so you have to rise above this and avoid falling into their trap.


Today is a good day to put energy into family stability and integration.

Someone that you’re very close to may even express their desire to improve family ties and bring balance and harmony to this environment.

Right now solving these quarrels that have been bringing down the family for a while now is in your hands.

After a stormy period, it’s time to bring peace to the scene.

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