Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


If you’re really interested in this person, you should work up the courage to communicate openly and honestly with them.

Expressing your feelings or sharing your hopes and dreams with them via text message makes you seem less serious and less interested than you actually are. Make sure that you talk the important things out face to face with them.

Declaring your love for this person will be more effective if you do so gazing into their eyes, don’t you think?


The personal image that you project seems is unique in your sector. You’re a professional that stands out amongst the rest because of your atypical image. This has helped you a lot in the past because you, unlike others in your field, are able to transmit a feeling of proximity and trustworthiness.

However, now that you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, clients will value qualities such as sincerity and professionalism more. Unfortunately, you’ll have to give in and change your ‘look’ a little if you want to achieve this feeling. Although you know that your superiors trust you, people outside of your company may not feel the same way.


You’ll get nervous when you realize that you have to prepare something that you’d forgotten about, in a hurry. And on top of this, after watching a news report, you’ll realize that something that you currently do, could be putting your health at risk. After hearing this, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately.

And finally, to top things off, you’ll have to get up earlier than usual; which you hate doing. By the end of the day, you’ll end up feeling totally exhausted. Don’t let stress and your foul mood take over; you’ve got what it takes to get through this day.