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Capricorn Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 11th July by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You could become an elite athlete in love if you were able to accomplish the extremely high expectations that you and your partner have set for your relationship.

Your demanding ways could end up getting so hard that both of you will have to put hours and hours of effort into making your relationship meet the perfectionist standards that the two of you dream of.

Forget about following a script because none will lead you to a happy ending, Capricorn. Physical and moral exhaustion could become recurring and end up leading to a breakup. 


When you don't get truly involved in your job, facing daily life turns into a highly tedious task for you. However, being able to enjoy your personal life when you're not at the office, is something that allows you to disconnect and recharge your batteries for the following day.

It's true that generally speaking, you try to get involved in the least monotonous jobs or tasks that allow you to have as much control over the situation as possible.

For this reason, you don't like sudden changes very much, especially when it comes to swapping your responsibilities to more mechanical ones that you don't enjoy quite as much.

Your workload today will seem excessive, but, it will be a good base for what's to come tomorrow. With the new position of the cosmos, you'll find a solution to a problem that may turn into a new way of working.


A nice walk through the countryside or, if you live in a big city, through a park or gardens, will be a wonderful way to enjoy this lovely season. 

Like a good earth sign, you need to be in touch with nature to feel your best. An hour or an hour and a half in one of these places will make you feel just as good as if you just finished an intense workout at the gym.

Also, you'll feel less tired and its effects will leave you feeling as if you were in a cloud. Enjoy this: in a month as unpredictable as this one, any help or moment that allows you to take in the serenity will be very beneficial to your health.