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The Monday January 22nd Capricorn Stars Prediction

La predicción del horóscopo de Capricornio, según los astros
Capricorn daily horoscope |



Some of your partner’s attitudes have driven you crazy, such as gestures, don’t setting up the table or forget about the laundry. Don’t let little details like these have a lot to say in your relationship and appreciate positive things and little details as they are more important than negative ones. Surprise your partner back and give them a gift. 

Single Capricorns will have a thrilling meeting. Although that person doesn’t suit to your personality, they’ve got an attraction which very few people have and makes them special. Let yourself be surprised and you’ll find out that poles attract each other.

You'll receive an unexpected message from a friend. Be careful with it. 


The increase of your salary is due to your endless efforts within your company and thanks to your helping attitude. You can even get more compromise with the business; pay more attention to your telephone during the weekend. 

A very big expense is to come, so get ready to face it and to survive without this sum of money. This is just a test to see if you deserve what you have or you don’t. Get yourself an insurance which could cover the expenses. 



A bit of easy exercise daily is what you need especially now that you’ve fund out your new passion to yoga or marcial arts. Don’t drive yourself to despair and keep working hard, don’t stop until you don’t reach your goals. The result will be worth the effort. 

You might have to face an unexpected mishap today, something which prevents you from easily moving. Slow down when you do exercise and don’t abuse from your musculature. Stretch out often before any session and let your trainer give you advice.