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Monday January 29th Capricorn Stars Prediction

Capricorn: Your Star Sign Revelations
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Stars have set the right mood for Capricorn to get out of the house and stay in with all those relatives that, for whatever reason, you couldn't see or spend time with the way you wanted. Visit your family, because it's obvious that they are an essential part of your life, and being far from them is affecting you.

Sometimes it's much needed to let your partner go, maybe you don't feel well being together. Give yourselves some time, it can be painful but as days go by you'll understand that a relationship is based and feeds on positive energy.


Life just feels better when you love your job. Be careful about where you are; a few people are after it. You haven't worked to the fullest. You should appreciate your job, because it's gotten you out of trouble before.

If you need some financial support, you'll have to work harder these days to get it done. A few people will knock on your door with loan offers, but you'll have to use words to convince the other person so that they can trust you blindly.

Stars are bringing good signs over to you: you'll finally be paid that loan you gave to a friend or relative. Now's the time to go out with family and have a nice time together somewhere. Worrying about money is your last priority.


Try to visit your doctor more often than usual, because you may not be at your top health for now and you haven't found out just yet. Don't be scared, because it's nothing too serious; but it is important for you to get it checked by a medical expert. Remember to exercise at regular patterns and to keep a healthy, balanced diet to maximize your health. 

You'll come to understand that health is the basis for life progress, as well as to achieve happiness. Try to find ways to improve it, it's a gift of nature.